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Dressing table (name of furniture)

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Position of editing in the Yi Feng Shui perspective, placed in a room dresser with any of the requirements are: mirror clock, not on their own home on any door, including door, door, toilet door, kitchen door and so on any door. The dresser are learning a lot, there are a lot of note, be sure to choose a good place to put, would rather believe it, so you can enjoy a healthy life Home Furnishing.

Dresser mystery editor

New Year season, do not feel that the lack of the most practical one on the dresser! In fact, women's make-up and wardrobe, like, always easy to produce beautiful tangle. Why not take advantage of the new year will be a good time, dresser re cleaning, empty the lost, the planning of the left, and then make purchase plan, in order to accurately snare one from the heart.

Skin care cosmetics On your marks

Bathroom doubles

If the bathroom is large enough to fully transparent, you can put the daily use of skin care products are placed in the bathroom, but also including body care products. Light and spacious refreshing mirror, bright, and just after a good skin condition, can let you go the full set of maintenance in the bathroom.

According to the function of the baby category

In addition to the current use of Dongdong, other baby can be cleaned up after the first. First prepare storage box two different colors or patterns, a cosmetics, one with skin care products; secondly put a note in the box, the names of all the baby in the box and shelf life are written on, so as to use it at any time.

1 skin care products: cotton dipped in alcohol, the bottle cap and the edge of the bottle clean. This can not only disinfection, but also can be easy to breed bacteria, oil and wax thoroughly clean. And then use tape to seal the bottle to prevent evaporation of liquid dry.

2 Lipstick: with a clean facial tissue with the lips of the part of the touch gently wipe off a layer, you can close up.

3 eye shadow, blush, powder and other cosmetics box: first with clean cotton, wipe the powder used, dirty, with cotton dipped in alcohol, the cartridge shell, edge, mirror wipe it again, and then turn on the local ventilation sun, air circulation can be collected for 5 minutes. The cover up.

Timely to the dresser to lose weight

Regularly clean expired products

1 Mascara: as long as the use of open, life expectancy of only about 3 to 6 months, because frequently pulled into the pull out, a lot of air will make the paste dry, there will be caking, fly legs and other issues. You can put the dry mascara has been used to make eyebrow cream, the effect is good.

2 eye shadow, blush, powder and other box shaped cosmetic products: the use of a relatively long period, as long as it is properly preserved for two or three years no problem. If it has been caking or discoloration will be thrown away, this is because the blush has been affected by damp or oxidation.

3 emulsion, cream and other paste like skin care products: if it has been painted some hair hard, or it is difficult to push away the uniform, it shows that the product has deteriorated, and quickly throw it away. Even in the face did not appear allergic phenomenon, there is no maintenance effect.

Less than a few bottles of essence, with efficient mask

Whitening essence, moisturizing essence, repair essence, the essence of the makeup stage to make the table space smaller and smaller. The new year you can try to replace the cloth mask essence, Gesanchawu deposited film, for example that can mask, moisturizing and whitening, or compact but also detoxification, not only the local province, the effect is good.

Tool makeup single built small teams

According to the use of frequency put Dongdong

Commonly used anti acne care products, small size, but it is needed at any time, are easy to take place. The use of a lower frequency of attaining supplies, or because of poor results and the body was painted cream, etc., are not easy to see in the collection in the drawer.

Sorted out two sets of cosmetics

Often travel you, the best skin care products and cosmetics are divided into two sets, a home, a set of use.

Perfume needs safe island"

Many people have the habit of perfume, there is a space for showing off their own collections. If your dressing table is right on the corner, not next to the landing window, then you can barely get by. You know, perfume is afraid of light, afraid of heat! So, you'd better put the two bottles of perfume that you love now on the dressing table, and the rest will be put in a sealed box.

Cleaning beauty tools

Usually best prepare two puff to replace, cleaning to use neutral detergent wash, and then put in ventilated dry place. Eyebrow brush, blush brush, brush and other cosmetic tools are mostly made of animal hair, so the way to wash hair to clean. Eyelash clip will be dirty part of the two is the close contact with the eyelashes and rubber, in cleaning can be cleaned with cotton, then use alcohol cotton to do disinfection. If the rubber part is too long to clean, it should be replaced by a new one.

Nail system into the grid

DIY Manicure love you, is not because of too many nail polish, nail and nail tools, let the dresser, a scene of chaos? In fact, their finishing is very simple, a small drawer box you just need to go to the supermarket to buy a non-woven fabric, will be able to fix all these small pieces: nail polish in a room, a room all kinds of nail clippers, nail files and small grinding room, then leave a room for different clip eyelashes! In short, according to the needs of a variety of floors for choice. Now look at the make-up desk is not a sudden a lot of refreshing.

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