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    The sofa is a high-profile large-scale furniture in the living room, and it has become an indispensable household item. Choosing it well will enhance the style of the entire home! So how should we choose a sofa for home use?
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    At present, the design style of most traditional furniture tends to the masses, and there are often the same drawbacks. When most of the furniture that is fancy in the store exhibition hall is transported back to the owner's home, it often shows that the size of the furniture does not match the space of the house, the style of the furniture and the style of decoration. Mismatch etc....
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    The sofa is not against the wall and can be used as a partition between the dining room and the living room. The lounge sofa in the living room is one of the more popular sofa series. It is also very convenient to place it in this way, and it also looks very spacious....
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    Nowadays, sofas have become a new favorite in the furniture market, especially by young people. However, the fabrics of fabric sofas are generally more advanced, and some have pictures of different colors. If the cleaning and maintenance are not done properly...
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